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The Ladipo Group is committed to providing high quality therapeutic care by therapists at an affordable cost to Black and African-American communities in Philadelphia and the Tri-state area.

We started our Wellness for Our Community Therapy Program because we recognize that our community doesn’t always get the access to mental health services they need due to financial burdens or just the stigma around talking to someone about the state of their mental health. 

We’ve seen a 20% reduction in anxiety and 17% reduction in depression from those who have participated in our Wellness for Our Community Therapy Program.

That’s why each year we offer a limited amount of therapy sessions to new clients who qualify at a discounted rate of $10 per therapy session for 5-months.  

How It Works

Step 1
Book Appointment

Complete our booking form to request an appointment with a Black therapist.

Step 2
Therapist Consultation

Meet virtually with a therapist for 30-minutes for a depression and anxiety assessment.

Step 3
Begin Your Weekly Sessions

If accepted into the Wellness for Our Community Therapy Program, you will be scheduled to begin therapy at  $10 per session for 5-months.

Eligibility Requirements

Must identify as Black or African-American.

You don’t currently have insurance or can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost.

Meet the Team

T. Reese Headshot

Tajae Reese
Graduate Intern

Are you ready to start therapy?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions can I schedule during my 5-month discount period?
We offer weekly sessions. However, you and your therapist can discuss a frequency that encourages consistency. 

Can I continue sessions with my therapist once the 5-month period has ended?
Yes, you can continue therapy. Your session cost will increase to $65 per session.

How long after I submit my request for consultation will I get notified to meet with a therapist?
We will contact you to schedule an appointment for your therapy consultation based on availability.

What should I expect in my therapy sessions?
The first therapy appointment is a chance for your therapist to get to know you. They will want to know why you are coming to therapy. What is not working in your life that you need to change? They will also inquire about what you have already done to make changes, what has been successful, and what has not worked. The more a therapist learns about you, the better equipped they are to offer customized solutions to the challenges that leave you feeling stuck.

We’ll ask about who you are in the world. Some of our questions will be:
1. Who is in your family?
2. What do you do for work or school?
3. Do you like your work/school?
4. What do your friendships look like?
5. Do you have an intimate relationship? If so, is it satisfying or a source of stress?

I have more questions, who can I contact?
Send your questions to scheduling[at]

About Us

In 2004 The Ladipo Group was founded to increase access to Black therapists and decrease the stigma of mental health treatment. While working with Black and African-American individuals, couples, and families we realized that the workplace was a significant source of stress for our clients.

Persistent microaggressions, blatant and subtle instances of bias and discrimination were taking a toll on our clients mental and emotional health. We knew that we could have a greater impact on our therapy clients if we worked within organizations.

We committed to working with companies across various industries to create and maintain a workplace where everyone feels welcomed and has the same opportunities for career development and advancement.