Life can be challenging.
We make it easier for you.



We support corporations, organizations, and human resource departments to implement true diversity and inclusion programming. Diversity is no longer an add-on but it is an essential component to any growing and thriving company.

Our sweet spot and expertise lies in teaching people to work most effectively with people from different cultures, particularly race, gender, and sexuality. We’re unique as our programming focuses on how to have uncomfortable conversations prior to the seminars and training on Unpacking Unconscious Bias and the Impact of Microaggressions in the Workplace.



Since 2004 we have provided individual, couples, and family therapy services to Black and African-American communities. We know (and research supports) that working with someone who truly understands your culture and unique experiences are the foundation to successful therapy and counseling.

With our incredible team of skilled therapists, our clients are able to make effective change. Whether it’s to reduce your anxiety, develop healthy relationships and patterns, improve communication with your partner, or find new ways of coping with depression, we’re here to support you through our expertise and guidance.



We are creating a community and movement of women who are hard-working, high-achieving, and want more out of life. SOS is an online community and e-course for women short on time, but wanting to learn to put themselves on their own to-do lists. Join us!