The Ladipo Group

The Ladipo Group is no longer accepting new therapy clients. We are offering the following referrals:
Dr. Faith Dyson-Washington
Karen Zelaya-Kendall, Ph.D and Associates, LLC
Mosaic Bloom Counseling, LLC

Individual Therapy

When we first started The Ladipo Group in 2004, our clients would tell us how much they loved us but said that they  weren’t going to refer anyone to us because they didn’t want to tell people that they were in therapy. That has significantly changed over the years, as many of our new clients are referrals from existing clients!

Yet, we understand that for many, there is still hesitation about going to therapy. The most important determining factor in whether or not therapy will be successful depends on how much you like and trust your therapist. It sounds simple but if you don’t like or trust your therapist, their education, degree, clinical training and expertise don’t matter because you won’t trust them.

Most of our clients come to us to discuss anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life transitions, loneliness, relationship issues, stress at work, and family challenges. It’s easier to open up to a therapist who has also experienced walking through the world as a Black person. This isn’t to say that we are all the same as we’re not. We are an incredibly diverse community of Black folks. We have different hues and hair textures, different genders, professions, religions, economic backgrounds, ages, sexualities, and many other parts of us that make us who we are.

When you come to The Ladipo Group for therapy, you are coming to a place that sees and values all of you.

Do you only talk about being Black in therapy?

No, not at all! Our therapists work with you to discuss and address what is important to you. There are many times when race is not discussed. We’ve simply created a space for us and by us so that we as a community of Black people can own our own healing process.

We work with you to manage the stress of life and develop new life-lasting coping skills. Individual therapy gives you the space and privacy to discuss whatever you need to in order to learn, change, and grow.

Couples Therapy

We work with couples who want to change how they speak to each other, increase intimacy, and generally improve their relationship. We also recognize that some people are ready to end their relationship and want to do so in a way that lessens the hurt for themselves and their children so they can successfully co-parent in the future.

Many people come to us because of difficulty communicating within their relationship. Hidden expectations can color our views of our relationships. Most of us never talk about how our background affects our views of relationships. For instance, a child of divorce might believe that fighting means the relationship will end. This can cause them to avoid discussing feelings at all costs.

We help you identify these hidden relationship rules. Then we work with you to understand how they affect your communication and feelings. Relationships can be profoundly healing. Let us show you how to heal yourselves and each other within your relationship.