The Ladipo Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Seeking therapy is a courageous act that can change your life. Therapy empowers you to explore, grow, thrive, and connect. We applaud your desire for growth and will make you feel welcome from the very first interaction we share.

Therapy at The Ladipo Group is a conversation. It’s also more. It’s a life-changing tool. We create an environment where our clients feel comfortable talking about themselves and their lives. Our clients often report that we are “easy to talk to.” They tell us things they’ve never told anyone else, and are surprised by how freeing this honesty feels. They learn that they are lovable no matter what they think or what they’ve done and that no problem is too large to tackle.

Therapy is about more than just talking about feelings. It’s about uncovering new tools and finding ways to integrate them into your life. Many times our clients have “homework” at the end of each session. They will be asked to think about or do something differently than they have previously. They’ll then talk about the results of that experience in their next session.

Research shows that your connection with your therapist is the strongest predictor of therapy’s success. To ensure a good fit, we ask you some basic questions. Your answers are completely confidential. Some questions we might post include:

    Are you interested in individual, couples, or family therapy?

    Are you interested in support groups?

    Why are you seeking therapy? What changes do you hope to accomplish?

    What does your schedule look like?

    Do you hope to use health insurance?

We accept Aetna, Cigna, Highmark, Blue Cross Blue Shield Horizon of New Jersey and Independence Blue Cross. We will verify your benefits and tell you your deductible (if applicable) and co-pay for each session.

Your first appointment begins with a 15-minute consultation.

Research shows that therapy is most effective when the client and therapist like each other. You need to feel comfortable with your therapist, you need to like them, and feel like they like you, make lasting changes through therapy. This is a “meet and greet” appointment. It is a time for you to meet the therapist, ask questions about therapy, and most importantly determine if you feel comfortable with the therapist.

At the end of the 15 minutes you can decide to schedule a future therapy appointment. Some people need more time to think about the consultation. You are always welcome to go home and consider the consultation, then call or email us when you are ready to schedule an appointment.

The first therapy appointment is a chance for your therapist to get to know you. They will want to know why you are coming to therapy. What is not working in your life that you need to change? They will also inquire about what you have already done to make changes, what has been successful, and what has not worked. The more a therapist learns about you, the better equipped they are to offer customized solutions to the challenges that leave you feeling stuck.

We’ll ask about who you are in the world. Some of our questions will be:
1. Who is in your family?
2. What do you do for work or school?
3. Do you like your work/school?
4. What do your friendships look like?
5. Do you have an intimate relationship? If so, is it satisfying or a source of stress?

We have weekday, daytime availability for virtual therapy. Fill out the New Client Registration Form to be contacted for an intake session.