The Ladipo Group

The Ladipo Group is no longer accepting new therapy clients. We are offering the following referrals:
Dr. Faith Dyson-Washington
Karen Zelaya-Kendall, Ph.D and Associates, LLC
Mosaic Bloom Counseling, LLC

Group Therapy

Groups are a powerful way to connect with others and learn new ways of coping with the challenges of life.

The following groups are currently in session. For upcoming groups, look below.

Upcoming Groups

Past Groups

Black Women’s Body Image Group

The Black Women’s Body Image Group will aid women in understanding and addressing problematic beliefs about the body. They will explore various influences on their body image perception, and learn how to cultivate a more accepting and healthy view of their bodies and its function.

Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

A group focused on learning more about what healthy relationships look like and how to create the types of relationships we want. This group is for anyone looking to learn more about how to create and build healthy relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners.

Career Development

A group that aims to support peoples with learning more about how to make decisions related to their career goals. People will learn how to clarify their interests, values, and skills, as well as how many impacts career decision making.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

A group that provides psychoeducation, skills based practice, and group processing to support participants with learning ways to manage stress and anxiety.


The primary goal of this group is to teach people how to be more compassionate towards themselves. They will learn tools and techniques to practice self-compassion on a daily basis. It will provide a space for people to talk about their experiences with others. Becoming more self-compassionate may reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by teaching people how to embrace themselves as they are.

Interested in learning more or joining our groups?