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The Gender, Sexuality, and Being Black Processing Group is a space for Black people of various genders and sexual orientations to come together and explore their experiences related to gender and sexuality. The group may act as a space for participants to discuss questioning their sexual orientation or gender, coming out, experiencing homophobia, sexism, and/or transphobia, as well as navigating identity development. By sharing their experiences, as well as giving and receiving feedback and support, participants will form connections and build community.

The Ladipo Group is excited to host an 6 week series, facilitated by Dr. Ghynecee Temple. The Black Women’s Body Image Group will aid members in understanding and addressing problematic beliefs about the body. Members will explore various influences on their body image perception, and learn how to cultivate a more accepting and healthy view of their bodies and its function. This 6 week series starts on October 4th! Click on the link for more details.

Past Event:  Resting While Black
The Ladipo Group is excited to announce we are hosting a virtual workshop that will focus on several high profile Black women athletes speaking out about mental health and the growing discussions about the importance of self-care. This workshop is geared toward Black women and identified members of the Philadelphia and surrounding communities. “Resting While Black: What Naomi and Simone Have Taught Us”. August 31,2021 6:00pm-7:30pm. Tickets are $5.00. Register for the event here. Resting While Black
A 5 week group designed for Black people to learn about the signs and symptoms of racial trauma and to begin the process of healing from racial trauma.