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Juggling Tips for Superwomen

Superwomen are used to juggling an enormous amount of responsibility and tasks at any given moment. Though they may be tired, overwhelmed, and even frustrated they keep juggling until something eventually drops.

Whether you have too many responsibilities, don’t have enough support, or just because you’re human, at some point you’ll drop the ball. You will be late to a meeting, miss a deadline, or forget plans with friends. The moment when you feel that you don’t have everything under control and you feel like life is starting to unravel is actually a gift. It’s a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your responsibilities and priorities. Ask yourself:

  1. Are all of these tasks truly my responsibilities?
  2. Are my expectations realistic? Can I realistically keep going at this pace?
  3. Who can help me with these tasks?

Life is busy and superwomen will always have people asking them to do more and more. In order to continue to take good care of others you have to take care of yourself. Forgive yourself when you drop the ball. Set realistic expectations. Give attention to your priorities

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