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Ep 4: How to Handle Microaggressions In the Workplace with Audrey Croley Little

Microaggressions in the workplace have recently gotten a lot of attention, but do you know how to identify and address when microaggressions happen within your organization or on your team?

Audrey Croley LittleIn this podcast episode of Managing Well with Tonya Ladipo, we chat with management consultant Audrey Croley Little of Atwater Martin about the impact of microaggressions on the individual, team, and business. We discuss how people managers can tackle microaggressions to make sure the  workplace is where everyone can thrive.

After the episode, download our worksheet for tips on how you can show up as a better people manager and leader in your organization.

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Reflection Questions:

  • Microaggressions are often subtle and unintentional.

    How have I responded to feedback that someone feels disrespected by me?

    How do I respond when my direct reports inform me of microaggressions that have happened to them?
  • Organizations often focus on business KPIs when accessing an employee’s performance and don’t account for their behavior in the workplace as part of their performance evaluation.

    How is employee behavior evaluated in our organization? Is there a place to reflect on the presence or absence of committing microaggressions?

    Does my organization consistently communicate workplace culture expectations (e.g. communicating with respect, consequences of committing microaggressions)?

    Are there policies in place to operationalize the expectation of company culture?

    What specific behaviors can you exhibit to demonstrate respect with your direct reports?

    What specific behaviors do you want to see your direct reports exhibit within the workplace?

Action Items:

  • Review your company’s employee handbook to review the company’s expectations for addressing microaggressions. If there is no information, speak with HR to get company-specific guidance.
  • Apologize when you commit a microaggression. Don’t deny or rationalize what happened. Instead, take responsibility for it by acknowledging it, apologizing, and clearly stating what you will do differently going forward.
  • Incorporate employee behavior and communication into performance management reviews.

Additional Resources:

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