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Ep 21: What Makes a Dream Team?

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If you could build your dream team, what key elements would you need to create magic and have the most impact? In this episode, we discuss what makes an effective team.

Tonya explores research released by Google that identifies five keys to a successful team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating a healthy work environment and how people engage with each other is just as important as who is on the team.
  • Make it easy for new people to integrate into the team by verbalizing the team norms and rules of engagement.
  • An effective team doesn’t need to be composed of friends or people who spend time together outside of work.

After the episode, download our worksheet for takeaways and tips on how to be a better people manager and leader in your organization. Also, if you have management-related questions (that you’re too scared to ask HR), email us at, so we can discuss them on the show.

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