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Ep 15: Why We Micromanage with Brittany Henderson

Podcast Episode 15: Why We Micromanage with Brittany Henderson

People don’t want to be micromanaged or micromanagers. Yet many of us do it.

In this episode of Managing Well with Tonya Ladipo, we talk to movement therapist Brittany Henderson about the reasons people micromanage and the mental health effects it has on individuals and the team. Listen to learn actionable ways to intervene and change micromanagement behaviors.

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Key Takeaways:

Managing Well Podcast With Tonya LadipoReasons people micromanage:

  • Lack of trust that direct reports will accomplish their work
  • Need for control / fear of loss of control
  • Insecurities about own people management capabilities
  • Unaware of effective management styles to apply
  • Pressure and micromanagement from one’s own manager

Download Episode Worksheet for People Managers 

After the episode, download our worksheet for tips on how you can show up as a better people manager and leader in your organization. Also, if you have management-related questions (that you’re too scared to ask HR), email us at, so we can discuss them on the show.

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