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Working Hard doesn’t Make Self-Care Impossible

Recently someone questioned if I was being hypocritical talking about self-care because I work hard and have high standards for myself and others. I realized a fundamental misunderstanding (or perhaps just difference of opinion) in her statement.

Self-care isn’t about total relaxation all of the time. In fact it’s the opposite. Self-care is about re-energizing yourself so that you can continue to work hard and give to the people and relationships that are important to you.

I thoroughly love my work and it’s an important part of my life. When I’m working I’m fully engaged in it. And when I’m in the other parts of my life I’m fully in them too. That’s what self-care means to me. That life has different energizing and fulfilling components that you can manage. That you have the time and energy to give to all aspects of you as a person, worker, partner, friend, parent, child, and more. And that you make the time to feed all of these parts of yourself rather than draining yourself to the point of exhaustion and resentment.

That’s what self-care means to me. What does it mean to you?

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