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What is Disability Inclusion? And Why It Matters

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Disability inclusion is the difference between working in survival mode or feeling safe and valued at work.

As Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging consultants, we realize that accessibility in the workplace is important to inclusion.

What is disability inclusion?
Disability and inclusion, according to the CDC, is “including people with disabilities in everyday activities and encouraging them to have roles similar to their peers who do not have a disability.”

How to Include People with Disabilities 

According to RespectAbility, a disability-led nonprofit, “one out of every four adults in America has a disability (including physical, sensory, cognitive, mental health, or other disabilities), it should be a part of your practice to make sure the disability population is represented in leadership and throughout the staff.”

As your organization examines diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging policies, people with disabilities should be brought to the table to offer solutions that will impact them.

The benefits of disability inclusion:

    • Boost creativity and productivity
      When people feel valued, safe, and accommodated at work, they spend more energy on their work instead of survival mode.
    • Attract more talent
      Having a more inclusive recruiting policy brings underutilized talent to your organization and helps boost retention.
    • Avoid “Othering” People
      When you don’t “other” people, you avoid people feeling left out and consequently leaving your organization.
    • Reduce risk and adhere to the law
      It’s illegal to exclude people who need reasonable accommodations from a job they’re qualified for.

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