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Summer Self-Care Tips

Summer is here and instead of the summer slowdown, some of us are already feeling stressed! Schedule changes and hotter days don’t always bring the carefree summer that we hear about. Try these simple summer self-care tips to reduce stress and enjoy the next few months.

Treat Yourself
What are some simple things that make you smile especially during warmer temperatures? Is it the afternoon at the pool with your kids and friends? Is it a stop at the new yogurt shop down the street? Enjoy this summer by making time for simple pleasures. These moments help us remember the good in our daily life.

Make A Summer Schedule
The days are longer so it’s easier to be outside earlier or later in the day. Take advantage of dining al fresco at home or out. Talk to your boss (or yourself if you’re self-employed!) about coming in later one day or leaving earlier on Fridays.

“Eighty-seven percent of those who had summer hours said this benefit contributed to a healthy work/life balance and 76 percent agreed Summer Friday policies were an effective tool to boost productivity. ” –

Laughter And Love
Laughter is the best medicine especially when you are feeling tired and burnt out. Go to an outdoor movie with your kids, your boo, or your bestie and enjoy the night.


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