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The Importance of Alone Time

It’s very easy to forget how necessary alone time is especially as we transition to summer. If the last time you remember being alone was because you were sick in bed, here are some simple tips to get the alone time you need.

Wake up earlier
Getting out of bed earlier isn’t always easy but when I know it’s the only time I’ll have to myself I make it happen. Especially now that it’s lighter and warmer in the mornings it makes it easier to go for my morning walk. Before anyone needs you take some time for yourself to prepare for the day. Whether it’s walking, a cup of coffee or tea, or your prayer time spend that time to listen to what your body and soul is telling you and focus on YOU so you can be full and ready to focus on others.

Pick a space
There is normally a place in your house that makes you feel calm. Regardless if it’s your home office, living room or even bathroom—set the room up so it makes you feel relaxed. Every night my husband asks why I’m taking so long in the bathroom. And I’ve realized that I need that wind down at the end of the day. Alone time to remove my makeup and just be quiet for a few moments before I go to sleep. Of course it doesn’t have to be the bathroom! Just any space where you can relax and recenter yourself.

Take yourself out
When’s the last time you took yourself out on a date? I love going to a dinner and a movie by myself. It’s relaxing not having to make conversation or compromise. You can eat what you want and watch what you want without considering anyone else’s needs. Don’t we all need that now and again?!

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