Anxiety is a feeling of excessive worry or concern. For some people, the concern is about life situations or relationships such as work, friends or family. For others, anxiety may be about daily life tasks such as running late for appointments or finishing work on time.

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· Are you constantly sad and don’t know why?
· Do you find yourself spending less time with family and friends?
· Do you feel lethargic and unmotivated?

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The focus of self-care is recognizing your needs and taking care of them. Consistently putting the needs of others before your own needs can be detrimental and lead to anger, depression, and resentment. Self-care, or recognizing…

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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when a person is forced to engage in sexual interactions without their consent. Sexual abuse occurs in all races, genders, and class backgrounds. It can occur during childhood, adolescence, and/or adulthood. Many people who have experienced sexual abuse have…

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Trauma is the experience of an out of the ordinary event that is life-threatening, perceived as life-threatening, or challenging the perception of reality. Examples of traumatic events include…

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For Helping Professionals

Helpers (hair stylists, nurses, teachers, etc.) hear and witness pain and sadness as part of their jobs. Read more about how you can continue to to do your job without absorbing everyone else’s emotions…
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Worksheets & Handouts

Need help achieving your goals? It’s easy to set goals but following through is much harder! Check out this resource (R.E.A.L. Goal Setting) to help you with accomplishing your goals!

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