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Make your Mama Proud!

Since the beginning of 2014 The Ladipo Group posts Self-Care Monday Tips on social media each Monday as a way to support and encourage you to care for yourself as well as you care for others.

As we celebrate Women’s Month this March I think about the incredible women who did not have the choice and opportunities that we have today. They did not have the option of caring for themselves because they were focused on survival and creating an easier path for future generations. As a result of their sacrifices many of us now have the opportunity to thrive and live beyond survival. We have the option of creating and living an enjoyable life, a life that consists of caring for others and also caring for ourselves.

Tending to your own needs is a struggle for many women. If you find yourself struggling to be kind to yourself then do it for your grandmother, mother, or auntie. Honor them and their sacrifices by valuing and caring for yourself as much as you value and care for others.

What gets in the way of caring for yourself? Share your story with us!

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