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Asking for Help is an Act of Self-Care

Many of us are overwhelmed and busy running around trying to meet all of our responsibilities. And we often overlook the one thing that can bring us instant relief. Asking for help.

As simple as is may sound it’s not always easy. Asking for help means admitting that you can’t do it all by your self, that you’re human, and that you need help from time to time. Don’t view asking for help as a failure of your abilities or intellectual. Instead consider it an opportunity to lighten your load and even strengthen relationships.

Asking people who care about you to help you gives them a chance to demonstrate their love and care for you. They have the opportunity to tangibly love you simply by responding to your need of help.

The next time you find yourself overwhelmed or frustrated ask for help! Watch to see the change that you experience and even the joy that others experience when helping someone in need.

What’s been your experience of asking for help? Or giving help? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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