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Solving the Superwoman Complex

Many women suffer from what I consider the Superwoman Complex. They juggle many responsibilities and roles, strive for perfection, and look like they have it all. Yet there is a significant cost to the image of having it all together all of the time. Perfection is impossible. And striving for perfection gives you a constant sense of failure because you will never be perfect. It can also be isolating if you try to maintain the facade that you and everything in your life is perfect.

But there is a solution to managing and navigating the Superwoman Complex. Honesty. Be honest about your struggles and challenges and frustrations. Be honest about relationships and jobs that aren’t working for you. Be honest about wanting more satisfaction in your life but not knowing how to achieve it.

I recently conducted a training and a woman said that she felt so much better once she admitted to a friend that she felt like nothing was working in her life. There is relief in honesty and transparency. There is also connection in honesty. Letting a close friend or partner know that you are struggling fosters intimacy and emotional connection within the relationship. Try something new this week and let a trusted friend know how you are struggling.

Are you a Superwoman? What helps you manage everything? Share in the comments section. Let’s learn from each other! Need more ways to manage your Superwoman Complex? Join us for our Every Woman group, first Thursday monthly. Register NOW!

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