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How to Be an Ally In The Workplace

  • June 9, 2022
How to Be an Ally In The Workplace

In Harvard Business Review’s article How Women Can Identify Male Allies in the Workplace they’ve detailed what allyship looks like. Here are some highlights that you can apply to your workplace.

How to Be an Ally

  • An ally works to reduce the amount of invisible labor expended by marginalized individuals in white male-dominated organizations.  
  • Allies work publicly and privately to change workplace practices, cultures, and policies that negatively impact marginalized groups. 
  • Anyone and everyone can be an ally. Those with the most privilege, men when it comes to gender, can have a great impact when they recognize and understand the importance of fostering an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable workplace culture can help break down the barriers that women face at work. 
  • Interrupt interrupters. Women are often interrupted when they’re speaking. Stop others, or even yourself, by interjecting and redirecting the attention back to the person speaking. Also, amplify voices that are often ignored by restating the point made and very clearly giving credit to the person’s idea (e.g. I heard Keisha say . . . and would love to hear more about her idea)

How to Spot an Ally

  • Look for people who speak up in pressured moments, exercising their voice, deploying their privilege by stepping in and raising eyebrows to the inequities witnessed. 
  • Beware of performative Allyship, where there is no action behind their words. 

Read the full article How Women Can Identify Male Allies in the Workplace in Harvard Business Review.

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