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5 Ways to Get Back to Feeling Like You

5 Ways to Get Back to Feeling Like You

Not feeling like yourself?

It’s ok; you’re not alone. The demands of life and traumatic experiences can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our environments.

Here are some tips on how to get back to feeling like you:

Start writing down the thoughts that keep you up at night. You may not be ready to share your emotions with others, but writing them down is a great first step to processing them.

Talk to a Therapist
It might be hard to identify the who, what, where, when, and why of this irking feeling. Unless your family or friends are licensed mental health professionals, you could benefit from talking to a therapist to help you unpack and process your emotions. A counselor can give you tools and strategies on how to get to a mentally healthier version of yourself.

Take Baths
If you’re a shower person, this might seem like an odd suggestion but hear us out. When you get in the shower, you’re usually in a rush to get your day started or get to bed so you can do the same thing tomorrow.

Running bath water and sitting in a tub forces us to slow down and spend time with ourselves. The bathtub is a great environment to exhale, do breathing exercises and process our thoughts.

Move Your Body
If you’re sitting or standing in the same position for most of the day, it might be difficult to shake that stagnant feeling. Find ways to move your body regularly. Dancing, walking, running, yoga, stretching, and various other low-impact exercises can help you boost your energy.

Read a Book
Reading books are another great way to spend quality time with ourselves. Not only does reading force us out of our mundane routines, but books are also a  great source of inspiration.

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