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New Website

It’s finally here!

About three and a half months after the anticipated completion date, our new website has finally arrived. The process of creating, re-creating, and tweaking the website just one more time (several times!) has been an excellent lesson in patience. The process also gave me an opportunity to strengthen the focus of the practice.

In updating the website I worked with a web designer who was charged with visually creating a website and logo that represented The Ladipo Group. In our many meetings I continuously referred to “light” and “warmth” as important characteristics to our brand and practice of therapy. Yes, it is our mission and focus to provide therapy and counseling to the African-American and Black communities. But we do more than that. We provide a warm and inviting space where people can uncover their many layers of selves to connect with their inner light. We help people figure out what they want in life and in their relationships and then we teach them how to ask for it.

I remember the first set of logo designs that the designer sent to me. I wasn’t excited about any of them. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and I wondered if I made a mistake in hiring her. I thought of the first designer that I hired in spring 2012 and I was really dissatisfied with that process. “Did I make another mistake?” I wondered. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Having hesitations about a current or future relationship based on past relationship experiences? But I digress, that’s another post . . . I had a choice, I could speak up and speak clearly about what the practice was and needed or I could retreat and end the contract (relationship) and stay with the previous website.

The practice and I needed to grow and change and the website needed to reflect that. So I spoke up until I was confident that the designer understood and could translate my vision. There were small bumps along the way but once I trusted that she understood my vision I found myself to be more patient and less anxious about the end product. I felt certain that the final design would be what I and the business wanted and needed, and it is. I am thrilled to share the result with you ( Enjoy!

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