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Strength in Relying on Others

Asking for help can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar for some of us. Whether it’s our need to uphold our own superwoman identity or if we’ve felt that people aren’t there to help us, asking for help can be hard.

Yet it’s necessary to keep your sanity in tact and even to strength relationships. People who love you want to help and giving them the opportunity to do so makes them feel good. For those of you who have difficulty asking for help, try these simple steps make make it a reality for you.

Consider if the ask is big or small. What you need help with may feel big to you but for others it’s not a big deal at all. A good friend of mine offered to run an errand for me that was next door to her office. It would have taken me an hour out of my day but it only took her 10 minutes.

How much of your own anxiety will you alleviate by asking for help? You’ll feel less anxious and have more time and energy simply because you enlisted the help of someone else.

Know who to ask for help. This is probably the most important point. Ask the right person for what you need help with now.

Follow these simple steps to have more time and space in your life and reduce anxiety. Want more personalized attention to put this in place? Join our Stress Relief Summer Workshop Series. Starts next Tuesday June 16th.

Registration required and space is limited. Share with a friend and register now!

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