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Stay Close to People who Want Goodness for You

A few weeks ago I wrote about the simple joys in life. Finding joy, gratitude, and pleasure throughout the day regardless of what happens to you. Since then I’ve had times when it’s hard to chose which joy to write about and other times when I’m struggling to think of one simple joy.

I know that I’m not alone in this. It’s easy to focus on the half empty glass. Whether it’s problems at work or at home frustrations, sadness, and loneliness are often milling about. And it is easy to get comfortable with those negative emotions.

Align yourself with people who want goodness for you.

When you can’t recall the people and circumstances in life that brings you joy call on someone who can. Who in your life can remind you of all the goodness that surrounds you? This doesn’t discount the problems or darkness that surrounds you but who can help you bring out the joy and light? That’s the person to go to when finding a simple joy is a hard task.

Who is in your corner? Share your struggles and joys with us. Use #TLGsimplejoy when you Tweet or Facebook your daily simple joy.

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