Make a Summer of Fun Instead of Regret

With summer unofficially here it’s time to prepare for the season. As you have more responsibilities (career, children, partners, homes, etc.) relaxation and enjoyment doesn’t just happen. You have to actively prepare and plan for it. Rather than kick yourself at the end of the summer with a long list of “I wish I had” get ready to enjoy your summer!

First, make time for fun. Don’t pack your days so full that there isn’t time for an impromptu cookout.

Next, think about your priorities. What will you regret not doing this summer? Going to a concert? Catching fireflies? Taking early morning walks? Once you figure it out put it on the calendar. Buy the tickets, talk to your friends, do whatever is necessary to make it a reality NOW!

Finally, tell someone your summer goals. When a friend knows that you’re planning to go to the movies every week or to the beach twice a month they will ask you about it. Having someone hold you accountable goes a long way towards having the summer that you want.

Tell us, what will you regret not doing this summer? And what will you do to make it a reality instead of a regret?

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