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Want Great Relationships? Start with yourself!

If relationships are hard work then why is the relationship with yourself any different?

The idea that you will automatically love and be kind to yourself is false. It takes work and effort just like it does in any other relationship. When your partner asks you to do a last minute errand during your already busy day, your first emotion is not a warm and fuzzy one. No, we get angry, frustrated, and resentful.

And we do the same with ourselves. When we make a mistake, don’t follow through on something, or put ourselves in stressful situations we become angry, frustrated, and resentful of ourselves. And this bubbles over into our other relationships. We take out our work frustrations on our families. When we’re overwhelmed with home or work we shut out our friends. If you want to improve your relationships with spouses, partners, friends, siblings, and parents, you must first begin with yourself.

There are four key components to having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself:

Time – You must set aside time for yourself. Whether you choose to go to the movies, have lunch with a friend, or read a book alone, time with yourself is imperative.

Communication – In order to communicate with yourself you need to know how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Take time throughout your day to check in with your body (your physical needs) and your feelings (your emotional needs).

Honesty – Be honest about what you need from yourself and others. You cannot take good care of yourself if you don’t ask for and get your needs met.

Forgiveness – Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Acknowledge it, make reparations if necessary, and move on,

How do you create a healthy relationship with yourself? What works for you? Share your story!

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