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Lessons Learned From My Mother

With Mother’s Day being this weekend, we want to take a moment to appreciate mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and the women who raised us. Here are just a few lessons my mother have taught me throughout my life.

Don’t Put Your Happiness in Someone Else’s Hands
So often as women we’re tending to others at work, at home, or in the community. We can be so other-focused with our energy that we don’t take the time to consider what brings us happiness and joy. And then we’re angry and resentful when we’re not getting what we want from others.

Just like Mama taught me to have my own money she also taught me that my happiness is my responsibility. It doesn’t come from a job or another person but from making choices that lead me to live the life that I want to live.

The Answer is Always No if You Don’t Ask
You should always ask for what you want. Always. If you don’t ask, then the answer is automatically no. As a Black women I really appreciate this lesson because society says there are only some things that I’m allowed to have or want. Being bold enough to ask what is not offered to me is definitely a life lesson from my mother.

When People Tell You Who They Are, Listen
This one comes from Grandma, one of the strongest women I know. When people tell you who they are listen and believe them. When people say, “I’m not usually faithful in my relationships” Believe Them! Don’t dismiss it thinking that it will be different for you. People tell us who they are everyday in how they talk and treat us. Don’t ignore what you see and hear.

What lessons have you learned from you mother? Tweet us and let us know.

Photo Credit: Notes to Women

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