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I’m Disgusted by Psychology Today

This is an open letter to Psychology Today:

I am disgusted by Psychology Today.

Racism is alive and well in our country and in our media, that’s no surprise. The fact that a researcher, Satoshi Kanazawa used “science” (faulty science and research) to promote his own racist ideas and agenda is not a surprise either. I think what is most troubling about the fact that Psychology Today chose to post the blog was the stupidity of their decision.

It was stupid to publish something so offensive and blatantly racist. It was stupid to keep it on their website after initial protests. And it was just as stupid to remove the post but not apologize for publishing it in the first place. Stupidity disgusts me, I have no time or energy for it and what Psychology Today did was stupid.

After my disgust passed I was then embarrassed. I was embarrassed because we, The Ladipo Group, have a listing on Psychology Today. How I can I give them money when they publicly demean me, my business, and the people who we serve? Do I remove the listing? Write them a letter of protest? Do nothing?

Well, doing nothing is rarely an option for me. In fact, it often gets me in a lot of trouble. So why stop now. I decided not to remove my listing from Psychology Today because it is really hard for Black people to find Black therapists. Some of our clients find us through Psychology Today. If I remove our listing in protest to their racist and stupid actions, I actually end up hurting the people I am called to serve, my people, Black people.

Instead I decided to write them an open letter. A letter that I am sharing here. Any and all thoughts and comments are certainly appreciated!

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