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Honoring ancestors doesn’t mean breaking our backs!

It’s interesting that Women’s History month is on the heals of Black History month. Two months devoted to honoring and remembering those who came before us and sacrificed for us. There are plenty of famous living and deceased people who we can remember and honor but what about those in our own lives? Our own grandmothers and mothers and aunties and fathers and brothers who sacrificed and raised us so we can have a better life than they did?

On this Monday morning after #BloodySunday take a moment to reflect on tstrong person quotehe ways that you honor those who came before you. Do you fully reap the benefits of their sacrifices? What more, if anything, do you need to do? Perhaps you got an education, have a “good” job, are involved in the community. But do you find yourself giving freely or through clenched teeth? Are you happy to help or exhausted and resentful?

Honoring our ancestors doesn’t mean breaking our backs and suffering in life. It means having a full and enjoyable life. A life of giving and helping while also receiving and asking for the support that you need.

Tell me, what are you doing to enjoy your life and honor the sacrifices of those who came before you? Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together!

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