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Clearing Emotional Clutter

Spring cleaning can be more than clearing out our closets but a time of clearing out the emotional clutter of our lives.

Emotional clutter is the constant chatter in your mind about everything that you should be doing. It’s the voice that replays old hurts and conversations. Emotional clutter may have been with you for a season or even a lifetime. And now is a good time to clear it out!

Before you get to the clearing you first have to take stock of your own clutter. Ask yourself:

  1. What thoughts or phrases are constantly running through your mind that cause you stress?
  2. What conversations or thoughts keep you up at night?
  3. How long have these thoughts been in your mind?

Spend a few minutes writing the answers to the questions. You’ll find some relief to have it out of your mind. It’s also necessary to know what you’re dealing with so we can truly clear the emotional clutter you’ve been carrying. Next week we’ll discuss an action plan clear the emotional clutter.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section! Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together.

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