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Ep 7: Burnout and the Bottomline with Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson

Research shows that almost half of the workforce is experiencing burnout.

Dr. Argie Allen WilsonWe’re all tired. If you’re not stressed from home or work, the world’s volatility could have you struggling to concentrate. This episode discusses burnout and how to prevent it in the workplace.

In this podcast episode of Managing Well with Tonya Ladipo, Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson discusses how to identify burnout and provides tips to help if someone on your team is experiencing it.

After the episode, download our worksheet for tips on how you can show up as a better people manager and leader in your organization.


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Reflection Questions:

  • Have I created a work environment where my team can come to me if they’re struggling with work and feeling burnout?
  • Do I have the skills and empathy to help a team member if they’re experiencing burnout? If not, what company resources are available to support my team member?

Action Items:

  • Lead by example and practice self-care (e.g. leave work on time, take lunch breaks). Show your team that mental health is important to you and the organization. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t care for others.
  • Schedule regular touchpoints with your team. Ask questions with empathy and compassion to understand what is important to them.
  • Evaluate work priorities to focus on essential projects and remove unnecessary work to reduce overwhelm and burnout.
  • Inquire about your team’s workload and individual capacity. Check-in to ensure that people are satisfied in their roles and are also able to manage their responsibilities.

Additional Resources:

In the Managing Well podcast, host Tonya Ladipo talks wellness in the workplace with people leaders, mental health professionals, HR experts, and more. Click the link to subscribe to the podcast and get the latest episodes.