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Ep 31: Relationship-Building – When Conflict Happens with Elizabeth Byrne (Part 2)

Episode 31: Relationship-Building - When Conflict Happens with Elizabeth Byrne (Part 2)

When there’s conflict at work, the strength of workplace relationships will be challenged.

In part two of our relationship-building episode series, Tonya and counselor Elizabeth Byrne discuss how to approach conflict without harming people on your team.

Key Takeaways:

  • If there’s one thing we can guarantee in the workplace and life, it doesn’t matter how great the relationship is; there will be conflict at some point.
  • Relationships are relationships. Whether they are personal or in the workplace, how we navigate or avoid conflict is often consistent in our interactions.
  • The ways we learned to navigate or avoid conflict in childhood are often still in effect in our adult relationships, both personal and professional.

Reflection Questions:

  • Reflect on how you learned to deal with conflict. What did you witness from adults? What were you encouraged to do when conflict occurred?
  • Consider a time you were pleased with how you resolved conflict within a relationship. What did you do? What was the outcome?
  • Have you witnessed conflict resolved in the workplace in a manner that you want to replicate? What happened? What was the outcome? What actions made the outcome possible?

Action Items:

  • Pause and check in with yourself before responding or escalating a situation. Recognize your internal response rather than automatically reacting. Ask yourself, “Am I reacting this way based on previous interactions, or is it appropriate for this moment?”
  • Be mindful as you engage with your co-workers, and be intentional with your response. Words and actions have an impact. Slowing down and thoughtfully communicating will be better.
  • Give concrete, actionable, and goal-oriented feedback. Often, when things escalate, solving the conflict stops being the goal. Remember to clearly state your expectations and demonstrate the behavior you want to see from your team.

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