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Ep 18: Being Ally When The Stakes Are High

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Too often, we stay quiet and don’t speak up when we see something that is wrong and hurtful to others because it might also hurt us. 

In this episode of Managing Well, Tonya Ladipo takes a page from recent sports news headlines to explore what Allyship could look like when the stakes are high.

Key Takeaways:

  • As leaders and people managers, allyship is a foundational function of the job.
  • “When you’re a leader, there’s a responsibility to cover your team when they are being attacked.” 
  • Increasing your awareness of others’ experiences, and believing them, is the starting point of allyship and good people management.

After the episode, download our worksheet for tips on how to be a better people manager and leader in your organization. Also, if you have management-related questions (that you’re too scared to ask HR), email us at, so we can discuss them on the show.|

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