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Ep 13: Say My Name, Correctly!

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Managing Well Podcast With Tonya LadipoAs someone whose name has always been mispronounced, Tonya shares a personal story of how she felt when someone cared enough to pronounce it correctly.

In this episode of Managing Well with Tonya Ladipo, we talk about the importance of people’s names and how to avoid mispronouncing them.

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Download Episode 13 Worksheet for People Managers 

After the episode, download our worksheet for tips on how you can show up as a better people manager and leader in your organization. Also, if you have management-related questions (that you’re too scared to ask HR), email us at, so we can discuss them on the show.

In the Managing Well podcast, host Tonya Ladipo talks wellness in the workplace with people leaders, mental health professionals, HR experts, and more. Click the link to subscribe to the podcast and get the latest episodes.