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Dear Caretakers, Don’t forget About Yourself

In one of our most recent #AskATherapist video, we discussed the importance of self-care for people who are caretakers. Regardless if you are a caretaker in your professional or personal life, it’s so easy to forget about yourself when you are too busy taking care of other people.  Here are additional tips to help keep your tank full so you are in a better and healthier position to help others.

Take A Break & Meditate
When you are constantly thinking about the needs of others, you forget to give your mind a break. When you give yourself time to meditate, you force yourself to slow down and take a minute to yourself. Taking time every day to focus and replenish yourself will give you the energy for the rest of your day.

Listen To Your Body
When you’re tired – rest, hungry – eat, sluggish – move. Our bodies tell us what we need, it’s up to us to listen and act on it. When we’re so busy taking care of others it’s easy to neglect your basic needs. But if you’re going to be there for others you need to be sure that your body is ready.

It’s Okay To Ask For Support
If you are a natural giver and the nurturer in your circle, you often get into the habit of not asking for help. People come to you when they need something. This often results in running on empty. Allow yourself to ask for help when you need it.

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