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Want New Opportunities? Close Some Doors!

Why is it so hard for us to say no to one thing so that we can say yes to another? Are we stuck on this concept that we can have everything that we want all of the time? Do we really believe that we can have absolutely everything without making sacrifices?

When my husband asked me to marry him I made two important decisions. First I said yes to him. And then I said no to everyone else. By choosing him and committing myself to him and our marriage I also said no to other all other possibilities. No to dates and options and possibilities of a future with other men. I had to let go of and fully close the door on singleness in order to fully walk through the door of married life.

And this principle is true of so many other doors and options in our lives. With career choices, friendships, social engagements, responsibilities, and family ties there are times when we must say no and turn away from certain options and responsibilities in order to pursue and maintain the values, priorities, and relationships that are most important to us.

Think about your current life situation. Now think about where you want to be in life. If it doesn’t match up what door or option do you need to close in order to fully walk on the path to the life that you want?

Need help considering these options and closing some doors? Call us! We’re here to help you live your life better.

Learn. Change. Grow.

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