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Women’s History Month: Let’s Celebrate!

In 1980, the National Women’s History project knew it was time give women a voice. Celebrating Women’s History Month every year is not to just inspire girls and women, but to also highlight the importance contributions women have made throughout history.

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” —Sheryl Sandberg

Here are a few our favorite women who we feel are worth celebrating:

Maya Angelou – She was an American poet, author, activist and educator. She appeared at many rallies and was vocal in sharing stories of discrimination and struggles. Even today, Maya Angelou’s words, spoken, on the printed page or reflected here, continue to promote self-examination, equality and friendship.

Michelle Obama – Mrs. Obama exemplifies great leadership skills and does it with such grace and humility. She has taught us the importance of self-respect and respect for others. She also models how to speak your truth in spite of criticism.

Shonda Rhimes – Shonda is a great example that women can do anything! She is the first African-American woman to create and executive-produce a top 10 primetime TV series. She is known for being one of the most powerful black woman in Hollywood.

Who are you celebrating this month?

Photo Credit: The Washington Post 

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