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Therapist Heal Thyself, Part 2

I went to my therapy session armed with a notebook and pen. I expected to leave the session full of emotion and recommendations and I didn’t want to miss a thing. Driving to her office I felt a mixture of nervousness, excitement, and anticipation. I knew what I wanted to talk about and it felt like such a relief to be on the path forward. At the same time I was still nervous and wasn’t really sure where the conversation would take me.

Forest Trees

She asked a question and I felt an opening. I started to see the forest through the trees and felt such validation. As a therapist it is easy for me to see and help others navigate their own forests. But standing in the middle of my own is a different thing. I left her office with feeling at ease and hopeful. It was truly a freeing feeling.

I told a friend that I wished I could be done after one session. How ironic is it that a therapist is trying to rush through therapy?! But I know that is not possible. Instead I know and accept that this is a process and it will take time to unravel what needs to be uncovered. One of my colorful graduate school professors said, “it’s another f@#%ing growth opportunity” meaning it won’t always feel good but the end result will be magnificent.

What growth opportunity awaits you? Share your thoughts and comments with us!

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