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Lucress Izarry

Lucress Irizarry


Lucress Izarry
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Lucress Irizarry is a certified Life Coach, certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security, is Registered in Health Information Management and has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare Leadership. Lucress has a Master of Science degree in Health Informatics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management and she has held a faculty position at Thomas Jefferson University. 

For the past 10 years, Lucress gained her experience as a Life Coach through her nonprofit organization, Faith In God Family Restoration Corporation (FIG) while helping an average of 1000 underserved families in the community annually.  What began as providing a hand-up for basic needs quickly blossomed into coaching on identity, finances, relationships, careers and business. 

Lucress is the CEO of Brightlyou, LLC, a coaching and consulting business helping people to regain clarity, confidence and control to crush their goals in business, career and relationships. She became a Life Coach because she wanted people to know how to overcome any obstacle by tapping into their power to change their mindset. This is something that she mastered not only by helping hundreds of women but also through overcoming personal hardships. Lucress authored a book about the hardship that she experienced in her marriage that became an Amazon bestseller and is sold in ten different countries worldwide.

Lucress has appeared on several media platforms including podcasts, iHeartmedia, Fox29, Good Morning Philadelphia, CBS, WURD radio and Comcast Newsmakers talking about the importance of helping underserved populations, the majority of whom are black and brown and addressing relationships issues to keep the family unit together. 

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