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Ghynecee Temple

Ghynecee Temple


Dr. Ghynecee Temple is a licensed psychologist who is passionate about helping others thrive and reconnect with their authentic selves. Dr. Temple’s research and clinical practices have centered on the wellbeing of people of the African diaspora, and she believes that caring for our mental health is a path towards healing and liberation. She has been in practice for eight years and her clinical interests include women’s issues, social justice, and multiculturalism, eating disorders and body image, group therapy, LGBTQIA+ concerns, career counseling, among other important topics. Dr. Temple utilizes her training as a generalist psychologist to provide a breadth of services to those that she works with.

Dr. Temple obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Washington University and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University. She has worked extensively in higher education throughout her career and has translated her clinical skills into teaching, consultation, and coaching. Dr. Temple practices from an interpersonal and client-centered approach which places the relationship with her clients at the center of her work. She believes in approaching each client with humility and openness and views the process as a collaborative and supportive relationship. She believes that you are the experts in your own lives and works to emphasize your personal strengths and ability to work towards healing and growth. She has partnered with Google to facilitate dialogue around the experiences of the Allyship journey via one-on-one sessions and group sessions, coach YouTube leaders specifically on how to operationalize anti-racism, and conduct workshops at Google summits around DEI concepts.

She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, watching anime, eating, and sports (especially college football).

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