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Elizabeth Byrne​

Elizabeth Byrne

Elizabeth Byrne

MA, NCC, LPC (they/them)

Elizabeth Byrne

Elizabeth is a licensed and board-certified counselor with over 20 years of experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, and groups as well as training and facilitation in community and professional settings.

Elizabeth has developed clinical tools for a wide variety of applications including smoking cessation, drug and alcohol treatment, integrative primary care, out-patient mental health, and residential treatment settings. Tools that they have had the most fun creating were graphic novels and animations for clients to utilize in conjunction with their therapeutic work.

In addition to therapy and facilitation work, Elizabeth is an educator and has led large teams of care coordinators. They are a skilled leader who works hard to optimize the strengths and interests of those they work with and is always striving to find ways to develop greatness in each member of their team. As a natural connector and rapport builder, Elizabeth finds ways to make any material relatable to the audience and delivers information in ways that stick long after the training is over.

Specific areas of training expertise include Motivational Interviewing, tobacco cessation, SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment), early recovery relapse prevention, program development, and implementation, and LGBTQ sexual and gender identities, coming out, integration, relationships, and family development. Elizabeth is also a published author and was recently recognized by the PA Counseling Association with the Outstanding Practitioner Award.

When not at work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with their four young children, hiding in the kitchen to eat chocolate in peace, and practicing yoga.

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