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Spring Cleaning for Your Mental Health

Spring cleaning is as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health!

Spring Cleaning Is Healthy  – Regardless if you are living in a household of 1 or 5, life gets busy. A good spring cleaning is a great way for you to give your house a good scrubbing. Cleaning will help remove allergens from your home that can make you feel healthier especially since March is often the beginning of allergy season.

Spring Cleaning Increases Productivity – There is no better way to boost your productivity and declutter your mind than to declutter your environment. Donate the items that have just been taking space in your home.

Spring Cleaning Makes You Happy – Having a tidier and organized environment helps relieve stress. There are also many people who clean because it is therapeutic for them. And if you’re not one of them take it an hour at a time or room by room and you will be left feeling lighter and accomplished!

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