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Sometimes, Black History is about Healing

ICYMI: The Ladipo Group hosted a 4-part Twitter Spaces series, This Isn’t Just About Cosby in response to the documentary, We Need to Talk About Cosby.

We want to give voice to the silence of trauma. 

It’s about something greater, something that has weighed on our communities for far too long. This is about us as Black people who have been suffering in silence for too long. The secrecy, the attempts to protect the community or family, and trying to reconcile the greatness and good deeds of a person alongside their horrific actions are the mental gymnastics that we do in our own lives. Bill Cosby represents what so many of us struggle with within our own families and relationships, the silence and shame that we dare not name. 

These conversations explore and unpack why we’ve been silent about our traumas, how our silence has impacted us, and what we can do about it now. Take a listen to the four, 45-minute conversations on Twitter about Starting the Conversation After Silence and SecrecySilence, Shame, and Trauma; and Betrayal and Trust.

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