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Real Warriors Cry

by Tonya Ladipo

Warrior (n.) “a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill” or “a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage.”

Many of my clients are warriors though they seldom see themselves this way. They fight many battles, sometimes externally and sometimes internally, and they often show great courage. People laugh at me when they’re sitting in my office shedding tear after tear and I tell them that they are courageous. “What’s courageous about this Tonya? I’m a mess and I’m sobbing.”

Some how and some where in time being brave has come to mean not having emotions and never crying. This is completely false. Having courage means being scared of something and doing it anyway. To have no fear and no emotion is foolish, not strong or courageous. And so I believe that warriors are smart and strong and courageous. They know when to rest, when to prepare for battle, how to choose a battle, and when to leave a battle. Warriors understand that not all fights are theirs to fight. They know that they need to eat, sleep, and recharge before going into battle. Warriors embrace their emotions and use them as information and guidance both during and after battles.

A true warrior is strong, fierce, and has emotions. They even shed tears from time to time.

Who are warriors in your life? Are you one?

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