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Ep 29: Workplace Wellness & Equity in Healthcare with Tonya Ladipo

Workplace Wellness Equity in Healthcare

On September 13th and September 21st, Tonya Ladipo is hosting a virtual healthcare symposium, “Workplace Wellness & Equity in Healthcare.” 

In this episode, Tonya talks about growing up as the daughter of an emergency room physician, the significance of the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action ruling, and why the healthcare industry needs to stay committed to equity in healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • When we fail to address healthcare equity, people die. 
  • Zip code, race, gender, sexuality, and more should not determine whether or not people receive quality healthcare services. 
  • Vicarious trauma (VT) is a job hazard for healthcare professionals. The impact of untreated VT is inferior patient care, higher staff turnover, and adverse mental health for healthcare providers.

Reflection Questions:

  • Take a moment to reflect on why you joined the healthcare industry. Are your motivations the same today? What roadblocks have you faced during your journey? What would you change now to fulfill your “why?” 
  • Think about the last time you felt burned out. How did it affect your mental and physical health? How did it impact your interactions with patients and your professional and personal relationships? 
  • Most people pursue medicine to help people. Sometimes, policies unintentionally interfere with providing the care and assistance that people need. If you had a magic wand that would change any policy within your healthcare setting to improve the quality of care patients receive, what would you change?

Action Items:

Additional Resources:

The Managing Well podcast, with host Tonya Ladipo, talks about wellness in the workplace with people leaders, mental health professionals, HR experts, and more. Click the link to subscribe to the podcast and get the latest episodes.