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Ep 25: How to Lead with Generosity with Shannon Cassidy

Ep. 25: How to Lead with Generosity with Shannon Cassidy

Is compensation the only generosity that matters at work?

On the latest episode of the Managing Well podcast, Tonya Ladipo chats with author and executive performance coach Shannon Cassidy about what it means to be a generous leader and the importance of gratitude in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generous leadership is about building a strong team and serving while leading.
  • Understand your unique gifts and talents and offer them generously to others. 
  • Human beings are wired for connection, collaboration, and contribution.
  • Stay within your zone of excellence.

Reflection Questions:

  • Being a generous leader requires introspection. When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity to think, reflect, or even daydream? What changes do you need to make to your schedule to create blocks of time designed for introspection?
  • Your talent may be in areas that you overlook. What specific actions do you take for granted and assume that everyone does it too?
  • Cultivating a spirit of generosity takes intention. What actions do you take to encourage generosity on your team?

Action Items:

  • Identify one area of generous leadership (e.g., patience, active listening, direct communication) that you want to strengthen. Connect with a peer to create accountability for yourself.
  • Designate time for introspection and reflection. Start with 20 minutes a week to make it manageable.
  • Consider if your actions of generosity are being received as they are intended. Check-in with your team to solicit their input and feedback about your leadership style.

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