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Demote Yourself to Happiness!

My 6 year old demoted herself in gymnastics and I couldn’t have been more proud. After two weeks of intense, 3-day a week practices she said that she loved gymnastics but was tired and school was more important than gymnastics. So she demoted herself. At 6 years old she knew her priorities, her limits, and needs.

Imagine if we applied these principles to our own lives.

Priorities ~ Limits ~ Needs

First, know your priorities. In life, work, and relationships there are many activities and responsibilities. Some are mandatory and others are optional. But you can’t do it all at the same time so decide what’s important to you and focus your attention there.

Know your limits. Our bodies and minds have limits. There comes a point when you need to sleep and eat and rest and play. Give in to the ways your body tells you what it needs.

Know your needs. Needs go beyond desire but straight to what is necessary to sustain life. Needs include the amount of food and sleep that you need as well as the safety and health of your relationships.

Do you know your Priorities, Limits, and Needs? Share with us so we can Learn. Change. Grow. together! Our Nov. 1st S.O.S. for Superwomen workshop will teach you the practical ways to do this. Join us!

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