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Black History Month: Unsung Heroes

Black History month is a time to reflect on all those who have gone before us in the black community, who have inspired us to not only do more but to be more. People who have reminded us that there are things worth fighting for. While there are so many, today, we would like to pay tribute to a few of the unsung heroes of the black community.

Annie Turnbo Malone
We’re all familiar with Madame C.J. Walker, but have you heard of Annie Turnbo Malone? She could give any business person in the present time a run for their money. Millionaire in the 1920s due to her successful haircare product line, Malone trained people all over to sell her product nationally. After all of her success, Malone donated much of it back to the black community through colleges and organizations that helped families in need.

Charles Hamilton Houston
A man that experienced racism while serving in the army Charles Hamilton Houston came back to attend Harvard Law School. Later he became part of the school administration and encouraged students to fight for civil rights. He is known for his the work he did to do away with the Jim Crow laws which earned him the title “The Man Who Killed Jim Crow”.

Barack Obama
Probably not so much an unsung hero, but how could we not put him on our list? He, after all, was our first black president. Incredibly inspiring speeches and very personable, he became a man that Americans loved and respected. His love for his family and role of father and husband has been a great model for us all.


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