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3 Easy Steps to Creating Work-Life Balance

Many of us dream about a work-life balance but don’t know where to begin to make it a reality. Consider making one or two small changes in your day and you will soon be on your way to a more balanced and rewarding life.

Step #1 – Start taking a non-smoking cigarette break! Get all of the benefits from a smoke break without the health problems. Take a break from your stressful day, go outside and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Inhale deeply through your mouth, hold for one second, then slowly exhale through your mouth. You’ve just given yourself 5 minutes to clear your head and you can now get back to your day with more clarity and perspective.

Step #2 – Find a book or magazine that you can quickly immerse yourself in. This should be a fun read and something unrelated to the stress of your life. If you’re on the train or waiting for your next appointment pull out your book and enjoy someone else’s life for 10 minutes! You can download books and magazines to your phone so that you always have something to read with you.

Step #3 – Pay attention to nature. Is the sun shining brightly? Are the trees blowing in the wind? Take a minute to look out the window and describe to yourself what you see and hear. This helps you orient yourself to the present moment rather than hustling and rushing through your day.

Creating and maintaining a work-life balance that works for you starts with small steps. Don’t be overwhelmed and then paralyzed by the idea of creating a work-life balance. Instead start small and take a few minutes out of your day to begin the change.

What works for you to create and maintain balance in your life? Share your ideas with us!

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