Working for the Relationship You Deserve

What does working for the relationship you deserve look like? A key component is knowing the kind of relationship that you want.

Are you looking for friendship or romance, something permanent or temporary, or soemthing with stabililty or drama? The answers to these questions may change at various times in your life. What you want at age 20 may be different than what you want at age 40 or 60! So take the time to answer these questions for yourself.

Next revisit the question from last week’s post: Does the person in front of you meet your relationship desire? Are they the right applicant for the job opening of being important in your life? Just like with jobs putting the wrong person in a position leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction all around. It’s better to be upfront about what you want and need rather than pursue a relationship that ultimately will not meet your needs.

Part of knowing what you want and need is understanding your values. Some people place value on relationships like family and children others place value on careeer, and others find value in possessions. Who and what are important to you in life? Working for the relaationship you deserve also means developing relationships with people who share your values. This doesn’t mean that you think or behave the same way. On the contrary as that would be boring! But it does mean that you have a shared vision of what’s desirable and important to you in life.

In the first part of the Healthy Relationships series you assessed the person you want to be with. Now you have a deeper understanding of the type of relationship that you want, and the values that you have for this relationship. Next comes the part that all relationships need but many struggle to do:


Communicating your needs and listening to the other’s needs sounds simple but in reality it can be challenging. Join us next week  for part 3 of our Healthy Relationships series where we’ll break down the steps to healthy and effective communication.

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