Trying to Grow Old Gracefully

Did you see the article about the 83-year old woman who got breast implements?! View the article.

I’m in the process of learning to grow old gracefully. ‘In the process’ are the key words of that statement as I have not fully realized that statement. I don’t look too hard at the wrinkles on my face, ignore the gray hairs that are starting to appear, and just this summer have I come to realize that I need to consistently move my body and exercise in order to fit into the clothes that I already own.

By the time that I’m 83 I hope that I have fully embodied the idea of growing old gracefully. Heck, I hope that I can be there by 65. At 83, I would rather see how far $8000 would get me traveling the world rather than increasing my cup size.

How about you?

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